1. Manufacturing

TIME has the capability and experience to manufacture the world class forging products. We are able to supply a complete production chain, from forging blanks, rough machined forgings, heat treat, semi-finished products to finished products.

2. Engineering

All our engineers have more than 10 years of engineering experience and are specialized in metallurgy, forging, heat treatment, NDT, machining and production testing respectively. Our engineers will design the optimal forging process and subsequent testing or manufacturing process for your product only with a sample or operating requirements,

3. Cost Efficiency.

TIME has helped our customers to save cost by 10-20% without any quality reduction for their projects. It's our another advantage.

4. Inventory Program.

After reaching inventory agreement with the customer, we will ensure enough inventory at our warehouse, which shortens the delivery time greatly for our customers.

5. Industries served.
TIME supplies the most cost-effective and highest quality solutions to a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to automotive industry, power industry, fluid industry, oil & gas industry, Transmission industry.