Our quality control begins from raw material, forging, heat treatment, semi-finished machining, final machining till assembly, each step is controlled strictly by our engineers, all of them have 10+ years of engineering experience and are specialized in metallurgy, forging, heat treatment, NDT, machining and testing respectively.



The outline of quality control process as follow

Hardness test

Thickness test etc

Pressure test
Load test etc.
Rough machining Heat treatment
(precipitation hardening, normalizing,
quenching+temper, etc)
Mechanical properties, Impact test,
Metallographic test, Ultrasonic test,
Magnetic particle test, etc.
Raw material
(bar, ingot, tube)
Spectra test
Metallographic test etc
(Close die forging)
(Open die forging)
Forging temperature
Reduction ratio etc
Surface treatment
(induction harden, QPQ, nitriding, carburizing,
carbonitriding, Nickel plating, etc)
Dimensional inspection
(CMM, projector, etc)
Semi-finished machining
final machining